Meet the team

The e-Waste Association of South Africa (eWASA) was established in 2008 to manage the establishment of a sustainable environmentally sound e-waste management system for the country.

Andile Tlhoaele

Non-Executive Chairman

Tlhoaele is the chairperson of the BBBEE ICT sector council in 2018 and re-elected in March 2020. He is the CEO of Inforcomm, founded in 2005.

His day-to-day activities include managing his companies that operate in various sectors including IT, Telecoms, electronic instrumentation, BBBEE consulting and PR, design and marketing. Tlhoaele is the co-founder of Moja Centres (Pty) Ltd, established in 2018 as one of the first companies to implement design thinking on smallholder farmers in rural areas. Tlhoaele has vast knowledge on BBBEE policy development and implementation. He was one of the initial team of ICTs industry leaders who drafted the BBBEE ICT Charter in 2003 which was gazetted as a sector code in 2012. He is also the former member of the Presidential B-BBEE Advisory Council’s Subcommittee on Instruments to Promote B-BBEE, Verification and Charters, former chairperson of the Association of BBBEE Verification Agencies now called ABP and former deputy chairperson of MICT SETA.

Tlhoaele studied a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering (incomplete) at Wits Technikon now the University of Johannesburg. He completed the BBBEE Management Development Programme with Unisa, the Harvard Business School’s (HBS) Key Executive Programme and Leading Your Small Business Through Its Life Cycle in Boston, Massachusetts US.
Tlhoaele is a keen golfer, loves books and enjoys sharing mistakes learnt from founding Inforcomm with other entrepreneurs.

Keith Anderson

Keith matriculated at Damelin College and holds qualifications from the Institute of Marketing Management, Stellenbosch Graduate School of Business, UCT Graduate School of Business, Heriot-Watt University, RSA, and La Salle and Century Universities, USA.

Keith has held senior executive positions in various industries including Banking, Petro-chemical, Information Technology, Services and Consulting.

Keith Anderson’s fields of specialisation include:
Environmental issues, waste management, information technology, restructuring and regulation in support of sustainable development. In addition, his focus on energy, research and development, policy and cutting-edge business models are crucial value-adds to KAMM.

Keith, at the behest of governments and multi-nationals, has for years and still continues to, deliver papers globally on environmental issues and waste management. He has served as an adviser to numerous cross-border government departments, multilateral organisations and major international and South African corporations.

For the past three years, he has been involved extensively within the private equity arena primarily focusing on unlisted companies, performing company analysis and valuation, turnaround propositions, mergers and acquisitions involved with some of the countries largest blue-chip organisations.

Having chaired and served on numerous boards of companies in various stages of their life cycles over the years, Keith is widely recognised as having provided outstanding natural acumen and sound leadership to those corporates, partners and stakeholders, sharing his extensive international management and enterprise project development experience.

Keith was also the founding member of the e-Waste Association of South Africa.

Isabella Daly

Non-Executive Director
Isabella Daly or as everyone knew her as Iza is a full-time employee of Canon SA for the last 12 years of her career and currently based in South Africa, although she has extensively traveled the 7 regions she’s leading on Compliance and Certification for Canon. She also supports and encourages her team of only women based in Dubai, Moscow, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest.

As a single mother, she also manages two teenagers at home ages 14 and 18.

Iza is a passionate environmentalist loving what she does with the key focus areas of responsibility as the Sustainability Regional Manager for DRBG (7 Regions)(DRBG=Developing Regions in Business Growth – THESE include countries Russia, Central EastEurope which includes Israel, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Middle East, Central North Africa,

Eurasia (Turkey) and South Africa (including the SADEC countries)

She continues contributing in building a Sustainable leadership pipeline and assurance on

  1. Product Safety Compliance for sales in the 7 region’s sales markets
  2. Implemented Waste management Compliance and influenced change into the business to extend EPR to the Regions; recyclers appointed for South Africa, Mauritius, Dubai, Nigeria, and KSA (Saudi), and many more for the regions; optimizing opportunities and resources.
  1. Maintaining certification of ISO14001 Compliance and ISO9001 using these as tools in continuing influencing policy and strategy.
  1. REACH & RoHS Compliance
  2. EMEAs (Europe Middle East and Africa) Audit team member – Lead Auditor on ISO14001 systems.

Compliance in Waste Management and ISO standards have been her passion in the industry for the last 21years in the corporate industry and for Canon SA the last 12 years, she has a positive “I can do” attitude. She’s build over the years a lot of network connections and good relationships with government stakeholders. Over the last 12 years, she implemented a lot of processes and support to the benefit of the Business and believes in promoting empowerment and social change for her team as well as for the Canon Business. She’s chaired over the years several committees which include; The Social & Ethics committee, The Sustainability Committee, and The Health & Safety Committee.
She holds a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Management, Project Management Diploma, Facilitator qualification and she’s also a qualified Internal Lead Auditor on ISO14001, ISO9001, and ISO45001.